the puddles on the road
dry up
as soon as the rain stops
and the sun shines
leaving no mark
no trace of shoe prints
and drenched socks

will my reflection be remembered
once the mudded tracks clear out?

maybe not
but I didn’t get lost;
I passed by.

Evelyn Dumag-Gabinete

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On opinions

Everyone thinks their opinions matter more than anybody’s. The ones closest to the catastrophe view more things in detail and thus have a better idea of the root cause of the problem while the ones who view things from afar see the bigger picture and hence see better the extent of the damage and can plan better the extent of help needed. This difference in perspective should be beneficial in the overall contribution to the solution.

Unfortunately, people fight against each other based on this gap, building strong walls of defense to block the other side, always trying to be more relevant and valued than the other. Instead, they should be coming together, discuss things in the middle, and cooperate in building the complete picture. This is often overlooked. Therefore, the damage only gets worse and the ones close enough cry out as they struggle to find a solution while desperately seeking for help, some of them dying without being attended to or heard; and the ones far enough, unaffected and bent on making their own conclusions, supposedly capable of helping out tremendously, have become either overly aggressive or apathetic. There are also those who take advantage of the situation and relentlessly feed themselves with the spoils.

Time is wasted resulting from the stigma of this unnecessary strife—the primary cause of which is fear. Fear to be silenced, fear to be rejected, fear to be ridiculed, fear of inconvenience, fear of wrath, and fear of death. It is imperative then that one should overcome their own fears and start acting out of love. Love for their own people, love for their country, and their love for what is right. Whether we like it or not, love is indeed the answer; love that is alive, active and powerful. Love looks for wisdom while still doing what is right and just. Love goes beyond the differences, and therefore love should always rule.

Lady Reality

An immortal lives in a dying world,
Her face was sculpted from different molds,
Her hair—no one gets to know how long;
She cannot distinguish what’s right from wrong.

She lurks in the shadows waiting for fire;
It reminds her how pure’s this man she admires,
Yet oft she hides from him, a man of light,
And chases the dark with all of her might.

She’s used to the world not seeing her whole,
Mistaken for her sister, wife of Night.
Watching her lover, in fear hides her soul
That he’d hate her for her infamous bite.

Truth persists courting his lady in mask;
He sniffs her perfume of honey and spice.
She keeps her secrets hidden in a flask
But all he wants is to strip off her lies.

He sees all her tears, a can of ink spilled
And reads all her thoughts, how it’s gathering mold;
Suitors trapped her in a fortress of guilt
And sold her in portions for power and gold.

Her appearance changes wherefor she goes,
Most in the wild, she does not know her worth.
She sells his gifts in exchange for cheap clothes;
Sadly, he thought, ‘What a waste of good words.’

‘How long will you run from me, lady in mask?
You bask in the sun, so why should you hide?
Come away with me, let’s finish our task
You’re most lovely unveiled, here by my side.’

Evelyn Dumag-Gabinete