Easy, Eensy Weensy (in Missing Lines)

The poem  A Child’s Dream (from Section II) is no longer free for viewing…

to give way to  “Easy, Eensy Weensy” (from Section I).

The following poems are always free:
“Seed” (from Section IV)
“Water Line” (from Section V) – this is my favorite 🙂
“Shadow Of A Ghost” (from Section VII)

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CHEERS and a Happy New Year to all!



Missing Lines (book)

Hi all! My new poetry book called MISSING LINES is completed and it is published! See it here: theprose.com/poeticasymptote, where some of my other poetry pieces are also posted.

The book is a collection of poems written to address certain characters and attempts to reimagine their untold emotional journeys. Some of the poems in this site are included in the book.

There’s a section there called SPEAK MY MIND, which contains poems I have written for some of my readers.

If you’re planning to request a poem from me, do it now and I might still be able to include it in the book. See how.

If you’re curious about the poems asked of me or just clueless about my style, see samples of requested poems here.

Cheers and happy reading!