Rest (haiku)

time to stop fighting
fading slowly back to sleep
where the gray remains


Silent Sanctuary (Featured Post at Spillwords)

A poem about memories.

Do you have a place where you keep wonderful memories, where no harm can befall it? Now, keep that in another part of your memory, and it brings to life a special place that thrives even in the harshest conditions. I preserved this in a poem and called it Silent Sanctuary.

It is now on the front page of Spillwords Press! I am honored to have my piece considered as a Featured Post. They must have loved it; and I hope you will, too. Check it out on the link below.

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Hi all!

I absolutely believe that life is filled with certainties and uncertainties. Though I have a natural aversion to the existence of uncertainties, I have accepted the fact that it’s what makes life worthwhile, and that the inadequacy only shows us the beauty of what tomorrow may bring.

Here’s a haiku I wrote about my rather tormenting frustrations when it comes to the notions of uncertainty, entitled Stranded.

suspended in space
devastatingly cold, flat
cruel uncertainties

It still holds and the sting, though diminished a bit after the piece had been written, is still there.

But enough about uncertainties because there’s good news (for me anyway, yey!) Now, it’s time to talk about my poem called Certainties which now appears on Spillwords Press , together with my other pieces.

Here is an excerpt:

there is tonight, there is tomorrow
time to steal, time to borrow
secrets never sink too deep
truth is bright; it cannot sleep
but promises, true heart doth keep

This poem has a somewhat different feel from my other philosophical poems (see the contrast with the haiku above) because it’s meant to be calm and reassuring, as certainties are for me.

Below is the link to the rest of the poem.

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Evelyn(poeticasymptote) – Spillwords Press
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The Beast of Belle

I tried to put as many rhymes,
Adding a mellow tune or two
Till every tale as old as time
Spoke of worlds I’ve had with you;

Be it a monster trapped in rage
Waiting to steal my sanity;
(I am writing now on every page
The lost and found, what there may be)

Drugged on words, soaked in silence;
Be it shattered nights, breaking dawns,
Perilous peaks, cruel currents,
Or islands conquered, battles won.

They always speak of me and you
Ever just the same, my sweet surprise;
Impossibilities sworn true
End up as fools, we shame the wise

Lumière to let me know you’re there,
Cogsworth to chase bad dreams away,
Potts to remind me that you care,
And Chip to guarantee you’ll stay

All alone, nose stuck in books,
Always asking how and why;
Every time, each place I look,
The beauty’s you, and madness—I.

Evelyn Dumag-Gabinete

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Lady Reality

An immortal lives in a dying world,
Her face was sculpted from different molds,
Her hair—no one gets to know how long;
She cannot distinguish what’s right from wrong.

She lurks in the shadows waiting for fire;
It reminds her how pure’s this man she admires,
Yet oft she hides from him, a man of light,
And chases the dark with all of her might.

She’s used to the world not seeing her whole,
Mistaken for her sister, wife of Night.
Watching her lover, in fear hides her soul
That he’d hate her for her infamous bite.

Truth persists courting his lady in mask;
He sniffs her perfume of honey and spice.
She keeps her secrets hidden in a flask
But all he wants is to strip off her lies.

He sees all her tears, a can of ink spilled
And reads all her thoughts, how it’s gathering mold;
Suitors trapped her in a fortress of guilt
And sold her in portions for power and gold.

Her appearance changes wherefor she goes,
Most in the wild, she does not know her worth.
She sells his gifts in exchange for cheap clothes;
Sadly, he thought, ‘What a waste of good words.’

‘How long will you run from me, lady in mask?
You bask in the sun, so why should you hide?
Come away with me, let’s finish our task
You’re most lovely unveiled, here by my side.’

Evelyn Dumag-Gabinete

Sonnet (Tree)

‘Tis not merely a man’s selfish desires
That compel him to break ground for loose soil;
When in the morn he wakes to light his fire—
The fuel he consumes each day spent in toil;
When he plants a tree, he envisions which
One of shade, its height, or stability?
Short of time, life itself to him will teach
Branches won’t hold him in adversity;
But then he sees blossoms, and later fruits
As he wipes sweat off his forehead come eve;
Some leaves to make himself a decent suit,
And wood to build a cozy place to sleep.

For what then is man’s trouble in sowing worth;
If not for love that nurtures his tree’s growth?

Evelyn Dumag-Gabinete

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like little candles in the air
the discreet whispers,
the silent stares

like broken lines of a song
the peaceful slumber,
the hidden groans

like midnight fairies on a visit
the repeating play,
the mourned decay

like beams of sunlight each dawn
the held hands,
the rehearsed monologues

like dew drops on a flower
the lost promises,
the misplaced notes

like the swaying branches of trees
the assuring smile,
the missing piece

like the poet’s perceived world
the lover’s wish
the muse’s kiss

Evelyn Dumag-Gabinete

This is the #potd poem of the day. Regularly visit the POTD page, as it gets updated regularly.
For other featured POTDs, click here.