Gift of Chance

my heart contains a dream
that keeps me wanting to sleep
to hide in it
but in a gift of chance—
a blessed circumstance—
I find myself waking to find
that leaving sleep is the right time
to be awake for a day or two
to see my dream coming true
if only for a while
I carry a smile
into the next dream
I hide away
before I sleep
to see the same dream
in a gift of chance—
a blessed circumstance

Evelyn Dumag-Gabinete

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“Origin” at Spillwords Press

My poetry piece Origin has been published at Spillwords Press. It is one of my philosophical/spiritual poems, so it needs (a little affection) to be read a few times before one finds its significance. In any case, a short description is included — a summary of sorts to help with the reading. 🙂

Please do check it out at
I am looking forward to having more of my pieces seen by a larger audience.

Thanks again, everyone! I do dedicate this poem to all of you. Enjoy!

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As Told

The stars are spread out
All staring, all watching
The moon aglow
Sun shining over
Also staring, also watching
They fill up the space
And in their multitude
The light won’t tell me what I need to know

I just want to see them sparkling over the waves
As they unfurl over my ocean tides
I just want to see the glimmer on the ripples
Lapping over my shore in the silence
Brushing past the vast realm
But there they are, the hosts of them
Staring and watching my eyes glimmer
Light touching un-flowing tears in my solitude

Even under the shade of trees
They hide me from the blessed beams
And the leaves rustle, the critters chirp
They all make noise, and they listen
They mask the faint singing
I only want to stay still and say a prayer
But they came to listen, they’re awake
They are staring, they are watching
And dreams come to take their place

I won’t ever be alone
And it’s meant to be this good
As long as I do as I am told
But I want to listen and I should
And I want to stay as they are
Staring and watching, near and far
But time’s clutch has locked its hold
I am shaking to my bones
Some whispers are too strong,
Unmuffled amidst other voices
Here come dream world’s sweet caresses
Closing my eyes, bidding farewell to the cold
Now, now, I’ll just do as I am told

Evelyn Dumag-Gabinete

This is the #potd #poem of the day.

I would love to write a poem for you. See how.

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Easy, Eensy Weensy (in Missing Lines)

The poem  A Child’s Dream (from Section II) is no longer free for viewing…

to give way to  “Easy, Eensy Weensy” (from Section I).

The following poems are always free:
“Seed” (from Section IV)
“Water Line” (from Section V) – this is my favorite 🙂
“Shadow Of A Ghost” (from Section VII)

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