Where is Samuel?

My son always finds it amusing to play hide and seek with me. Its like this: I go inside the room, only to find him giggling under pillows, and pretend I do not see him there.

I ask, “Where is Samuel? I can’t find him!’

He will give me a moment to look for him.

I ask again, “Where could he be?”

Then I will hear a muffled sound saying, “Maybe… under pillow?”

Taking the hint, I will lift the pillow and say, “Oh, there you are!”

There will be gleeful screaming, and maybe a repeat of the scenario right after.

I’ve always wondered why kids like doing that. How can they not figure out that adults will easily find them?

He hides, so that I’ll seek him, and he will even give a hint to help me find him. He is glad when I do. Aren’t we all like that sometimes? We all want to be found.


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