A Child’s Dream

Little toes
playing in the sand;
eyelids fluttering
as the sun rays beam,
casting light
towards bright,
eager eyes;

the adorable sound
of constant mirth;
unsteady feet
running about;
arms outstretched,
reaching above,
tiny hands high up;

a free spirit
with no cares in the world
aside from a tummy
that loves to eat,
and a mind full
of endless questions—
when to grow
and how to know?

I rest my body
after a day’s work
and I smile;
for asleep in comfort,
the child is being watched,
and I’ll be ready
before sunrise;

the world is waiting
for the child within,
to wake up in the morning,
and live the dream.

Evelyn Dumag-Gabinete

This poem was written for Anna Urayan, and her request description is as follows:
“A dreamer and life-lover, a mom yet a passionate worker and someday I am longing to be a traveler.”

This poem will appear in my next poetry book entitled Missing LinesDetails
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