I watched them all day
Leaving marks as they play,
Building castles by the shoreline,
Planting footprints on the sand.

Tides are coming high’n low,
Till all becomes a line of silt;
It’s the current they will follow,
Erasing every world they built.

Then, you say you were lucky
To have made ripples on the water?
In sorrow you are to see
That nothing’s meant to matter.

Nothing’s new, all’s been done!
As I look up at the sky
Something’s got into my eye;
It was a tiny grain of sand.

A little of everything,
But everything’s so little;
Time and time again,
We all face the same battle.

Between you and me, I say thus:
Though nothing I have ever lasts,
An infinitely empty screams its thirst,
Swallowing anything that comes its way first.

Evelyn Dumag-Gabinete

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