cursor blinks,
blank stare
on a screen stained;
orange, white, black
variable streaks,
or was it yellow?
but as an afterthought
it’s never gonna show

I drank wine that wasn’t bitter
like a deleted letter,
like the blue in the sky
that managed to laugh
since the cloud cannot
widen the gap
enough to color the ocean
reflections say
much of its wayward ray
refracted on the waves—
each light
excuse bent
on the curves;
ah, the weakness of anything straight

gone with the wind
the movement stings
like poison,
like faux poison
threatening to kill
but never will;

agonizingly dumb,
each trash dumped
would break the shade
no crimson blood
can take away
until it’s crushed;

each scoop as clear
minus the grains
and seashells,
golden pearls,
tightly zipped
the fine lips
cancel the noise
echoed within the dark dome
till I learn that the deep,
the silence,
the stillness,
the jingling,
the unlocking,
take me home

Evelyn Dumag-Gabinete

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