Ode to the Night

when your voice is louder
because no one listens
when the heartbeat’s slower
and all reason’s on a standstill
since nothing else matters
but the passage of time

if I could, I’d stay awake
to be with the dark
to listen to deep breaths
and the song of the clock

the night feels the world’s presence
in its melancholic solitude
serving, giving room
to the ones who dismiss it
ignoring the hero
who hosts their very dreams

always preparing for the dawn
so eager to abandon
the shadow of day

I’ll be like them soon,
my friend, the night,
behind my tired eyes
your stars ever shine bright

but the pull of sleep is strong

if I could, I’d stay
but for now, I’ll rest
that I may live
to see another night


I would love to write a poem for you. See how.


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