Words Are Important (Anecdote)

Let’s talk about presents.

Five days before Christmas. My son is just waiting to open his presents on Saturday. My husband has already opened (and has been using) his present for weeks now. I happen to be the hardest to give a present to.

Not too long ago…
Dale: Do you know what a keytar is?
Me: What is it?
Dale: Keytar stands for KEYboard-guiTAR. It’s a—
Me: Abomination.
Dale: You’ll like it. I’ll show you a video. It can be—
Me: Nope, not interested. ***end of discussion***

One month later…
Dale: There’s a Rockband 3 Piano for Wii! It works on Wii U.
Me: Really?
Dale: It’s portable. You can carry it like a guitar. Look at it. (he googles on his phone and shows me the video)
Me: Is that my Christmas present?
Dale: I’ll buy it for you.

A few days later…
Me: You tricked me!
Me: I just remembered what word you googled. It suddenly flashed in my memory. You googled KEYTAR!
Dale: (nervous laugh) Heeheehee.

Dale: I’ll get your gift tomorrow.
Me: You’ve outsmarted me. You’re giving me a keytar.
Dale: It’s ROCKBAND 3 PIANO. The label says so.
Me: You know very well it’s a keytar you googled.
Dale: I’ll add a mic to go with it.

You see, my man outsmarted me. And yes, the right phrasing matters. LOL.

Advanced Merry Christmas, everyone!


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