Weight of Waiting

The seasons take some time to pass;
Found out why it was right to wait, at last,
Though the stigma still nags at my commonsense
Whenever I’m reminded of the recompense.

If I dissociate myself from half the crime,
I’d go in circles, inflict self-harm, in time.
Sometimes, it is a comfort to hit a wall
To rest; when nothing’s certain, it’s inevitable.

Oh, tears, why fall now when it’s raining;
Can’t you hear that the sea is calling?
And I swim, and I swim
To my dream, to my dream.

I have to make peace with my heart;
I have to, before the world falls apart;
Which ending, what choice I’ll make,
Which beginning, what life’s at stake?

I am here, whichever road I took
The ground broke, the islands shook;
But I see the trees are still standing tall.
It must have been right to wait, after all.

Evelyn Dumag-Gabinete

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