Time and Time again…

it’s that particular time
in the morning
when the first sounds are heard
other than heartbeat

alarm bells
train horns
foot shuffles
switch clicks

    moonglow fades
last melody of the night ends
dreams bottled
clarity settles

    darkness parts
midway, a line starts
light paints a spectrum
everything comes alive
night retires

horizons ascending
tides lowering
sands start warming
cool breezes moving
clouds parting
fogs lifting

dewdrops leave the grass
lighter blades at last
cleaner greens
sun ray-showers begin

bluer skies
open eyes
senses high
spirits fly

     it’s a lot like that
I can imagine
that’s what happens when
night and day
sun and moon
heaven and earth
extend the world
with sweet goodbyes

Evelyn Dumag-Gabinete

This is the #potd #poem of the day.

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