Hi all!

I absolutely believe that life is filled with certainties and uncertainties. Though I have a natural aversion to the existence of uncertainties, I have accepted the fact that it’s what makes life worthwhile, and that the inadequacy only shows us the beauty of what tomorrow may bring.

Here’s a haiku I wrote about my rather tormenting frustrations when it comes to the notions of uncertainty, entitled Stranded.

suspended in space
devastatingly cold, flat
cruel uncertainties

It still holds and the sting, though diminished a bit after the piece had been written, is still there.

But enough about uncertainties because there’s good news (for me anyway, yey!) Now, it’s time to talk about my poem called Certainties which now appears on Spillwords Press , together with my other pieces.

Here is an excerpt:

there is tonight, there is tomorrow
time to steal, time to borrow
secrets never sink too deep
truth is bright; it cannot sleep
but promises, true heart doth keep

This poem has a somewhat different feel from my other philosophical poems (see the contrast with the haiku above) because it’s meant to be calm and reassuring, as certainties are for me.

Below is the link to the rest of the poem.


Please don’t forget to rate it when you’re done. Enjoy!

Much love,


Evelyn(poeticasymptote) – Spillwords Press
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@poeticasymptoteThe Prose

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