Between the Lines

It’s the in-between
The read of unseen things
The breath sounds and rhythm
Distinct smell and feelings

It’s not always in words
But one may put words in them

The roughness of a scar
The smoothness of hair
The twinkle in the eye
The hidden grin at the corner

It is often unsaid
Ordinary, but not forgotten

The finger tap
The nose crinkle
The furrowed brows
The bitten lower lip

It is a story of its own
Told and not authored

That is why
The presence is as important
As the conversation,
The gesture is as expressive
As the touch,
The familiar is as meaningful
As the favorites;

Love is measured as a whole
In line, out of line,
and often,
Between the lines-
The hows and whys-
Otherwise, it’s lukewarm,
Bland, bleak;
It’s incomplete

Evelyn Dumag-Gabinete

This is the #potd poem of the day.

I would love to write a poem for you. See how.


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