Glasses clink
Overheard from the old wooden boat;
Empty bottles of wine
Replaced the brine
As the board stops rocking
Against the thinning foam;
The waves no longer roar,
The stern is yet to stir
On cruise
After the storm

I keep you in here
Where waters touch me not
Till the shore appears;
Little droplets vanish
As they join the sea
Carrying each word,
Each lyric of melancholy,
Subtle melodies
Swimming to a distant isle
Where all my seashells gather,
Where all shattered pieces be

They glisten under the dusk horizon
Till I glimpsed the last
of the waning moon at dawn
Joining with the stars,
My little gems,
I watch them twinkling in the dark;
One cannot hide a diamond
From a trained eye,
That’s the promise
Between you and I.

Evelyn Dumag-Gabinete

This is the #potd #poem of the day.

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