The Beast of Belle

I tried to put as many rhymes,
Adding a mellow tune or two
Till every tale as old as time
Spoke of worlds I’ve had with you;

Be it a monster trapped in rage
Waiting to steal my sanity;
(I am writing now on every page
The lost and found, what there may be)

Drugged on words, soaked in silence;
Be it shattered nights, breaking dawns,
Perilous peaks, cruel currents,
Or islands conquered, battles won.

They always speak of me and you
Ever just the same, my sweet surprise;
Impossibilities sworn true
End up as fools, we shame the wise

Lumière to let me know you’re there,
Cogsworth to chase bad dreams away,
Potts to remind me that you care,
And Chip to guarantee you’ll stay

All alone, nose stuck in books,
Always asking how and why;
Every time, each place I look,
The beauty’s you, and madness—I.

Evelyn Dumag-Gabinete

This is the #potd #poem of the day. I have similarly themed poems like this one so let me know what you think of it.

I would love to write a poem for you. See how.


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