What is a thousand miles apart
a hundred, a million,
added to eternity?
What is a yard,
a foot, an inch
if everything stays as it is
that invisible gap,
and yet, forever apart?
No amount of running
or caring
or staring
or serving
can bridge
what already has been
a step away
is a world away,
an outstretched arm
and a hold that cannot stay.

He that loves
when love cannot save
unless a life is given
another infinite life is given
to meet infinity.

What is love
when the world is a looking glass
where one slips,
when one death
is not taken from the thread?

Such is the curse
no wrong or right will ever break,
but another curse
no good or evil will ever make.

So we hunger and thirst;
we fight to win
until we find
that a loss is what meets the Divine,
not a stand
but a kneeling down,
not a dot
but a broken line.

Evelyn Dumag-Gabinete

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